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Made of just one 0,9mm iron sheet piece, Doble A ECO model is a lighter and commuter-friendly option.


the pedals are located in the same level and it features an internal compartment to host the power source as well as the TAM model.



Does it come with a bag?

Yes, all our pedalboards include a perfect sized bag to carry your pedalboard in a secure and comfortable way


Does it come with Velcro?

Yes, All our pedalboards come with both sides of auto adhesive Velcro® you won't need any extra material.

They are ready to rock.


Does it come with the power supply?

No, DOBLE A TAM doesn't come with power source included, the only model that comes with the power source is PENTABOARD / OCTABOARD.


Which material are the pedalboards made of?

Our pedalboards are built in a 0.9mm thick sheet iron  which makes them extra light but very resistant, since all the foldings and the design overall, get as a result a strong and portable structure 


Do you make custom pedalboards?

No, every model is developed in a specific matrix and it isn't possible to change the size of the pedalboard.


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