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Light and simple

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​- The pedals are located on the same level with an optimal inclination and rubber feet.

- Open front and side design with full access for neat wiring.

- Internal compartment making power supply mounting more flexible and convenient to host and protect the power source from sudden hits and disconnections.


- 23.62 x 5.51 x 2.75 inches

- 60 x 14 x 7 centimeters


-Doble A ECO Pedalboard

- Carrying Doble A soft case

- Pre-installed Velcro ®

- Velcro® B-side for pedals

Made of just one 0,9mm sheet metal piece built to last a lifetime, Doble A ECO is a lighter and commuter-friendly option is perfect for players who need a portable, grab-and-go solution, with the best relationship strength-weight.

Painted with a strong powder coat, our pedalboards are laser cut and machine folded with a surgical precision giving our products a high-end finish for all its designs.

No moving parts, screws, or anything that can fail.

We back up our pedalboards with a 

warranty against defects in materials or manufacture.