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Doble A TAM model is a professional option due to its resistance, toughness, and features.

A unique pedalboard that supplies the player with features like no other pedalboard. 


TAM Features: 

♦️illuminated switch 

♦️internal compartment to host the power source and its A/C adapter.

♦️In, out, send and return connections ♦️up to 3 levels for your pedals

♦️Already installed Velcro


The result is a 100% neat pedalboard with just a power cable going from the pedalboard to the electric outlet which makes TAM one of the fastest in/out of stage pedalboards.


Does it come with a bag?

Yes, all our pedalboards include a perfect sized bag to carry your pedalboard in a secure and comfortable way


Does it come with Velcro?

Yes, All our pedalboards come with both sides of auto adhesive Velcro® you won't need any extra material.

They are ready to rock.


Does it come with the power supply?

No, DOBLE A TAM doesn't come with power source included, the only model that comes with the power source is PENTABOARD / OCTABOARD.


Which material are the pedalboards made of?

Our pedalboards are built in a 0.9mm thick sheet iron  which makes them extra light but very resistant, since all the foldings and the design overall, get as a result a strong and portable structure 


Do you make custom pedalboards?

No, every model is developed in a specific matrix and it isn't possible to change the size of the pedalboard.


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