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A loaded professional option with NO aftermarket cost.

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- Built-in In-Out / Send-Return Amphenol jack inputs 

- Built-in power supply internal connection

- Illuminated power switch

- Expression/ Controller pedal riser

- Leveled Rails

- Pre-installed Velcro pedal attaching system

- Heavy-duty rubber feet

- Front and side bumpers


- 15.74 x 13 x 4.92  inches

- 40 x 33 x 12.5 centimeters


- Carrying Doble A soft case

- Pre-installed Velcro ®

- Velcro® B-side for pedals


-  2-inch iron sheet front bumper and 2 side bumpers that also work as carrying handles protecting the most sensitive part of the pedalboard during live performances.

-  Illuminated Power switch facing up, that helps when checking the power status of the pedalboard from long distance and or low light conditions.


-  The Power supply is protected on the top, front, bottom, and sides by 5 sheet metal walls located underneath the front bumper + pre-installed velcro to fix it.


-  Features a 27degrees optimal inclination + leveled rails to help the “stepping” dynamic, reducing the risk of accidental pedal triggering like in flat/one leveled pedalboards.


-  All the boards come with an Iron sheet Riser, helpful to accommodate expression pedals or any controller without relinquishing the leveled rails feature


-  Heavy-duty rubber feet


- No aftermarket plugins

So with the standard TAM, you don ́t need to buy any aftermarket extra add-on in order to have a professional ready to go configuration that covers the professional necessities for most musicians on stage.


The standard TAM model features

- Built-in In-Out / Send-Return Amphenol Jack inputs -located in the pedalboard’s inside and outside

- Built-in power supply internal connection


- Illuminated power switch


- Expression/ Controller pedal riser

- Pre-installed Velcro pedal attaching system




- The pedalboard comes ready to go, featuring a pre-installed velcro pedal attaching system (Velcro for pedals included) saving time doing it yourself.

- The Pre-installed Velcro attaching system is 100%compatible with most pedalboard attaching systems, making it faster and friendly for professional musicians that need to switch pedals in-between multiple board setups.

Painted with a strong powder coat, our pedalboards are laser cut

and machine folded with a surgical precision giving our products a high-end finish for all its designs.

No moving parts, screws, or anything that can fail.  We back up our pedalboards with a 

warranty against defects in materials or manufacture.